Love Cake!  Adapted from the Malteaser Slice recipe that has been seen on Facebook recently!  So delicious!

Malteaser “Love Cake” Slice (No-Bake)

No bake Malteser slice. Next time i will mix the maltesers in the melted cooled chocolate and draw fault lines in the chocolate before it sets so it doesnt crack.

Pretty much read the recipe and decided I am going to make them tomorrow (it is no bake! perfect for summer) my only deciding factor is if I have sweetened condensed milk... but hey maybe I could ride my bike to the store and work off some of the calories that I will gain by eating these things!

Lemon Coconut Slice Recipe ~ This quick and easy no-bake slice has a moist, coconutty base and a soft, sweet lemon icing. It is finished with a sprinkling of coconut.

Lemon Slice - a no bake, totally yummy treat!

Lemon Slice - a no bake, totally yummy treat! After making this I would add lemon zest to the base mix and make more icing for a thicker layer. Passion fruit icing would be yummy too.

Easy, no-bake slice: Chocolate Rough Squares. YUM!

Chocolate Rough Squares

Easy, no-bake slice: Chocolate Rough Squares. (Best No Bake Cheesecake)

Milk Chocolate Coconut No-Bake Slice   #Recipe #CadburyKitchen

Milk chocolate coconut no bake slice recipe - great for birthday parties and weekends.

Coconut Ice. Not really baking (no cooking involved), but a delicious slice!

Coconut Ice sweets are a traditional English candy that require no baking and are very quick and easy to make! make with shredded coconut, condensed milk.

A hedgehog slice is an Australian uncooked flat, square or bar-shaped chocolate snack/ dessert, similar to a fudgey chocolate brownie but with alternating lighter and darker areas. The darker areas are chocolate flavoured. The lighter areas are bread crumbs, crushed biscuit, rice puffs, or similar. Nuts may also be added. It usually has a topping of chocolate icing on which may be sprinkled coconut, Hundreds and Thousands, or other kinds of sprinkles (e.g. chocolate or coffee flavoured…

Chocolate Hedgehog Slice

Chocolate Hedgehog Slice - no bake! (use plain vanilla cookies to replace 'Marie' biscuits - this is an Aussie recipe) (chocolate no bake cookies bowls)

ThriftyGifty: No-Bake Slices

ThriftyGifty: No-Bake Slices