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Block'n'Tackle Brewery Kincumber | Breeze Magazine Central Coast
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Who IS Rhonda? While not flesh and blood Rhonda permeates every corner of this unique venue in Terrigal. She’s the personification of co-owner Ty Van Emden and Scott Bayly’s joint vision. In their words Rhonda is “an eclectic woman of the world, cultivated by a life of travel and glamour in the 80s. She surrounds herself with good people and good vibes, great food, amazing wine and exquisite cocktails.” She also has an amazing pad!
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The menu at Rhondas Bar Terrigal has an interesting fusion of Australian, Japanese and Spanish influences. We sampled the Kingfish Yakitori, Wagyu Cheese Burger Sliders and Rhonda’s bestseller, Saganaki. All meals were beautifully but simply presented and delivered a subtlety of flavour well beyond the descriptions on the menu
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Pocket Bar Terrigal
The cocktail list at Pocket Bar Terrigal is a fun read and it’s hard to not take a punt on the Kylo Ren, so named because its main ingredient is as changeable as the temperament of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens character. The fact that it’s served in a tiki mug with a ferocious Polynesian face is a lovely combination of cultural reference – a fusion of nerdy and worldly.
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Home – Firescreek - Botanical Winery
Holgate : Firescreek Fruit, Flower and Herb Wines (fig, berry, plum, orange, mango, elderberry, rose). Cellar Door Hours 10am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday
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Great food & Drink - Great night with Djs & Music
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