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Gang-gang cockatoo, lovely bird with red crest

Australian gang-gang cockatoo, lovely bird with red crest

#Western Australia....

Monkey Mia, Western Australia - What I like about this photo is how it shows that the reflection is tainted by the colour of the water, a difficult thing for painters to master.

Astra, Classic Boat, Sailing,

From my board "Nautical Dreams" where I collect anything Nautical. Let's set…

Rescued baby orangutans

All these young orangutans, one of the world's most endangered species, are orphans - for every one of these cute orphan babies is a dead mother who should have been with the baby for another yrs

Are these legal pets?

Emu by Dietmar Dresen on Australian Native giant flightless bird, look at those eyes. In our wildlife sanctuaries you can hand feed them, very gentle animals.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Race

Sober Sailing Alcohol and Nicotine Rehabilitation Treatment in Panama!