Urban living room - dark moody

To create a moody urban living space start with deep black tones, but don't stop there. To keep it moody (but not heavy) don't stock to all black. That is the easy place to start, but if you add rich dark tones and geometric designs you will create an edgy urban setting ready for entertaining. The current copper and brass metallic edge is ideal for this look.
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black kitchen From Crimson to Violet, Kitchen Designs in Purple An ornate island adds a touch of traditional style to this pretty white kitc.

I love these Australian Designed and made stools. I have one in my entry.  Looks fab.  glass collection stool crystal twilight

by design - Keith Melbourne - Keith Melbourne - Crystal - grey

glass collection stool latte twilight

by design - Keith Melbourne - Keith Melbourne - km mixed glass set 3

The Flip Around table is designed by Norm Architects DK for Menu flip. Light Ash and Black.

Flip it in one direction and grab a seat. Flip it over and you have a tray table that will hold your keys, remotes, and even tea in the morning. This is one fine flip-flopper.