i got this signed by the real cast of THE NEXT STEP

the next step cast daniel stephanie michelle emily riley james giselle tiffany eldon chloe and west!

The Next Step: About the Show - family.ca

Miss Kate- owns The Next Step dance studio and is Phoebe's older sister.

I Love The Next Step

Baby steps, small steps, big steps, giant steps-just keep taking steps, walking & moving forward.

The Next Step: About the Show - family.ca>>>>>> i honestly think that daniel is getting self obsessed in this series ( my ankle is probably stronger than most peoples ankles )

Welcome to the official The Next Step page on Family! Fans of A-Troupe dancers can play games, take quizzes, read bios, watch videos, and more!

4 temporada!! ♥♥

What’s your Show me what you got and post a photo or video with the hashtags and to be entered to win some cool stuff :)


This is just going to be a book full of random photo shoots Briar has… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad