Stuart Williams - What beautiful furniture

Like the shape, size and ply for tv cabinet. Lake Burbury Hoop Pine Marine Plywood, celery top pine, biodegradable organic oil, by Stuart Williams at Touching Space

Anish Kapoor Installation

Anish Kapoor, My Red Homeland, 2003 installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art. © the artist Photograph: Alex Davies

What are you looking at? Modern Art

Revelan expertos que no existe el arte moderno, es sólo una excusa para hacer sentir bien a gente sin talento

Almost every time you read about a community going berserk over an art exhibit that is either sheer pornography or re-creates the Christmas crèche using animal blood and human excrement, you can rest assured it’s your tax dollars at work.

Anish Kapoor Installation

Anish Kapoor: Void, installation view at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (fiberglass, pigment) photo by Alex Davies [MCA]