Ottomans and Turks

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Heavy Ottoman

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A wonderfully drawn Ottoman sipahi.
1389 Ottoman cavalryman, 1389
Cavaliers Sipahis Ottomans lors d'une charge


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Ottoman Janissaries


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Ottoman Banner & Osmanlı Sancak
Drapeau Ottoman de Humbaracı Ocağı . Première classe de mortier et lance-grenades dans le monde, début du 15ème siècle.

Flags and banners

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The Surrender of Qala'i-i Kahkakha to Karakhanids, 999
Seljuk warrior during the crusades
Armor! Can I get it in leather? I want to not be clanky when sneaking around the woods. 12 yy Türk savaşçı tasarımı

Seljuk Turks

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Sayyid Luqman
Siege of Becse 1551

Ottoman Miniatures

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Sultan Mehmed II, personally supervises the installation of a large cannon over the Bosphorus, second half of the 15th century.
Η Πόλις Eάλω
The Fall of Constantinope, Turkey

Siege of Constantinople 1453

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an old painting with people and animals on it
Siege of Becse 1551
an old painting with horses and people on it, surrounded by other animals in the background
Ottoman miniature art
Ancient Near East, Historical Armor, Fantasy Concept Art
History, Military History, Nice Dresses, Ottoman
Best-dressed Warrior
a display case with some gold items in it
an image of a man holding a flag and some other things in the background,