Timurids and Golden Horde

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Tamerlanes army.
Timurid Warrior
PERSIAN CAVALRYMAN, EARLY-15th CENTURY  This Timurid figure is probably typical of the better-equipped elements of Tamerlane's armies. According to Sheref ad-Din, in a review prior to the campaign of 1390-91 each Timurid warrior had a lance, sword, dagger, mace, lasso (kemend), a buckler covered in crocodile hide, and a tiger-skin saddle-cloth on his horse, elsewhere mentioning their principal equipment as 'sword, mace, lasso and bow'.


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رفتن بهرام چوبينه به جنگ ساوه شاه | چنین گفت با مهتران ساوه شاه که پیلان بیارید پیش سپاه به انبوه لشکر به جنگ آورید بدیشان جهان تا رو تنگ آورید رفتن بهرام چوبينه به جنگ ساوه شاه، نگارکر ناشناس، برگی از نسخه دستنویس شاهنامه فردوسی، سده ۱۶ ترسایی ، دوره صفویان، آبرنگ، گواش و طلا بر روی کاغذ، ۱۶ در ۲۴ سانتی متر، خانه حراج ساتبی An illustrated leaf from a Shahnameh: the Battle of Bahram and Saveh Shah, Persia, Safavid, 16th century gouache heightened with gold on paper...


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a drawing of a man dressed in armor
Tatar of The Golden Horde
a painting of a man riding on the back of a horse
Studio "Siberia" forum --- Forum: Middle Ages armies / Àðìèè Ñðåäíåâåêîâüÿ --- Thread: Russian and Golden Horde warriors in 1380.
a drawing of a man riding on the back of a horse
Burundyq Khan (ruled 1480–1511)
two knights are riding horses with spears and shields on their backs, one is holding a flag
Crimean Tatar warriors, XVI c.
two men dressed in medieval clothing stand next to each other with shields and armor on
two men dressed in medieval clothing are standing next to each other and one is holding a spear
The Fall of Kazan to the Mongols
a drawing of a man dressed in armor
an image of the battle between knights and knights in medieval times, with text on it
yusuf biy Concept Art, Medieval Fantasy, King Kong, Samurai Gear
Ногайский бий Юсуф в боевом облачении. Середина XVI века. Реконструкция М.В. Горелика
Persian Warrior
Tatar warriors Sun Tzu, Google Translate, Quiver
Tatar warriors
Strange History, Tiger Face Tattoo, Viking Woman