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a white cake topped with pink flowers on top of a wooden stand next to a wall
White chocolate dripping cake with handmade flowers
I realy like the newest trend in cakeland: dripping cakes! The look delicious and you cn decoratie them in any way you want. Buttercream on the sides and the flowers are made from porcelain and waferpaper.
a pink cake with white icing and flowers on top
Pink Drip Cake with Macarons and Strawberries
a pink and gold wedding cake on a table
About Giraffe — The Cake & The Giraffe
modern blush and gold More
a dessert with raspberries and pistachio on top
Crostata ai Lamponi e Camy Cream
Questa crostata è arrivata per la voglia matta che avevo di lamponi (sia di mangiarli che di fotografarli...sono troppo be...
some people are sitting at a table in the grass with string lights strung over them
Lush garden, string of fairy lights- dining alfresco- outdoor living.
two pies on a cutting board with flowers in the middle and one is empty
Earl Grey panna cotta tarts infused with tea
a table topped with lots of colorful plates and desserts
Modern Trolls Party
Modern Trolls Party with @townleygirl!
two hands holding sparklers with the words, your home will reveal why your love life is
...cheers to you and me.....
a cake with pink icing and sprinkles sitting on a wooden table
a basket filled with lots of colorful sprinkles on top of a table
Confetti! Summer colors for a summer wedding! Spruce up you wedding congrats with flying colors {literally}! #MEW
a cake with cranberries on it sitting on top of a cutting board next to other desserts
Holiday Cranberry and Pomegranate Pavlova - GastroSenses
Holiday Cranberry and Pomegranate PavlovaThe crunchy outer layer of this holiday cranberry and pomegranate pavlova with melt-in-your-mouth marshmallowy meringue inside topped with heavenly marbled mascarpone cream and berries is a pure festive paradise in your mouth!
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a cake with chocolate frosting and fresh berries on top is decorated with pink flowers
Perth Wedding Photographer - Nouba Weddings . Pastel colored tiers and a smattering of sprinkles make this… Birthday, Birthday Parties, Pink First Birthday, Birthday Cake, Birthday Party, Cute Cakes, Babyshower
Wedding Cake Ideas & Designs . Pastel colored tiers and a smattering of sprinkles make this…
a long table set with plates and place settings for an outdoor dinner party or gathering
A Simple Evening - Nashville
I want a backyard and a long wooden table and space to have dinner parties. That's what I want.