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a green book shelf filled with plates and bowls next to a wallpapered wall
How to Wallpaper Furniture
Not every furniture makeover piece needs paint! Sometimes a great piece of wallpaper is all you need. Learn how to wallpaper furniture as part of this vintage hutch makeover. Great for adding a pop of color to any cabinet or space!
painted ikea pax wardrobe styled in a bedroom
How to Paint the Ikea Pax Wardrobe Unit
If you have the Ikea Pax Wardrobe, you don't have to settle for the factory colors! With this quick and painless DIY guide, you'll learn how to paint Ikea furniture and how to keep the paint from chipping off. The color possibilites are endless!
rainbow pegboard with spray paint, scissors, tape, and other craft supplies hanging on it
How to paint a pegboard with rainbow stripes
Organization doesn't have to be bland! Take your storage to the next level with this DIY Rainbow Pegboard! Learn how to paint a pegboard with these quick and painless DIY tips. Perfect for an office or even a kid's room!
a blender filled with pink colored confetti and sprinkles
Handmade Confetti Paper — The Confetti Bar
pink confetti papermaking pulp
rainbow tie dye mesh bag with text overlay Tie Dye, Tie Dye Bags, Rainbow Tie, Dye, Rainbow
How to Make a Rainbow Tie Dye Bag
If you’re wanting to make the perfect summer project, look no further than this Rainbow Tie Dye bag! Follow these fool-proof tips for applying your dye. Great project for kids and adults alike!
a desk with a computer on it and the words diy ikea desk hack
DIY Ikea Desk Hack
Upgrade your office space with this DIY Ikea Desk Hack! Perfect if you're looking for a large desk with storage. And the best part is you can learn how to paint Ikea furniture and make it any color you want!
three cards with yellow and white daisies on them next to a bouquet of flowers
How to Use a Flower Press - The Crafted Life
Learn how to use a wooden flower press in two minutes with this quick DIY! Perfect for a beginner or anyone who is new to using a flower press!
two glass cloches with flowers in them sitting on a marble shelf next to a mirror
How to Make a Dried Flower Cloche - The Crafted Life
Add color to your home decor with this DIY Dried Flower Cloche! The perfect way to bring flowers inside year round.
there are many different types of confetti in bowls
Handmade Confetti Paper — The Confetti Bar
colorful confetti papermaking supplies
a multicolored beaded necklace is displayed on a white cloth background with a gold charm
DIY Beaded Summer Necklaces - Honestly WTF
diy beaded necklace
daisies and flowers with text overlay that reads learn how to use a flower press in 2 minutes
How to Use a Wooden Flower Press in 2 Minutes
If you have two minutes, you can learn how to use a wooden flower press! It's really that simple to learn how to make your flowers last forever. Pressed flowers are great for craft projects, gifting, and more! Take your garden inside with this easy flower press DIY.
spray painted baby's breath on a mantle How To Spray Paint, Baby's Breath, Super Simple, Spray Paint, Simple Way, Colorful Flowers, Did You Know, Easy Diy, Spray
Learn How to Spray Paint Baby's Breath with this Easy DIY!
Did you know you can spray paint baby's breath?! It's a super simple way to have colorful flowers for your wedding or next event. You can also keep it small and make a colorful baby's breath bouqet for your home!
a bulletin board with many pictures on it and a wooden bench in front of it
fabric covered pinboard
Completed pinboard hanging on the wall | How to Make a Lightweight Pinboard for Your Home Office
a bulletin board covered in lots of different types of art and crafts on it's side
Linen pin board
Linen pin board covered with postcards, artwork, and sketches.
a window sill with flowers in it next to a white wall and windowsill
DIY Scallop Flower Box - What Dreams May Become
DIY Scallop Flower Box