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a large multicolored quilt hanging on a wooden ladder next to a white wall
Striped Quilt Pattern by Denyse Schmidt.
a person holding up a multicolored quilt
improv quilt
a chair with a colorful blanket on it
Oakshott quilt by Charlotte @ Displacement Activity. One of my very favourite quilts. Ever.
a man standing next to a rainbow quilt on a porch with his hands in his pockets
Laurie Matthews made this gorgeous rainbow quilt using multiple Lizzy House collections. Like/Repin this post to vote for Laurie.
an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on it's black background,
Nancy Sterett Martin - quiltmaker
an abstract painting with swirls and dots in blue, green, orange and yellow
Minor Miracle
Minor Miracle - Jane Sassaman
an abstract painting with trees and clouds in the background
Metamorphosis - Jane Sassaman
an abstract painting with wavy lines in purple, green and black
Rose Garden
Rose garden - Jane Sassaman
a quilted square with white stitching on the edges and an intricate design in the center
Day 204 - Spiral Illusion
spiral illusion quilting