memorial day strawberries. But could use grapes dipped in yellow jelly crystals or cantelope balls dipped in green both with toothpicks for the good old green and yellow for Australia Day

Strawberries + White Chocolate + Blue Sprinkles = Memorial Day/Fourth of July Strawberries!

Wagon Wheels recipe, learn how to make this iconic Australian biscuit from scratch:

How to make Wagon Wheels from scratch

A little bit retro and whole lot delicious, discover how easy it is to make Wagon Wheels at home in your own kitchen. From a simple Wagon Wheel recipe to flavour alternatives, perfecting this childhood favourite is an absolute cinch.

happy australia day

Australia shaped lamington cake with a hand drawn Australian flag on a gum leaf.

funny Australia day

Pictures of the day: 26 January 2011

The day where if you yell “ AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE” in any place you will always get a reply of “OI OI OI”. The day in which people Dress in skimpy Aussie bikinis and clothes or Budgie.