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Australian Animals Theme Unit: This is a large set of printables to make hands-on activities and games to complement your teaching unit about Australian Animals. The activities are designed for ages preschool through First Grade, and are appropriate for

Michaels Australia Craft- Outback Sunset Painting

Outback Sunset Painting Crafts from around the world. (No instructions, just ideas.) Could also use for African plains

possum morning tea- a tea set up to follow a childrens book, I have never heard of any of these "foods" but am excited to find them and try them

Possum Morning Tea

Create a magical possum morning tea for the kids without hours of preparation (inspired by the book Possum Magic)

Australia has some very unique animals such as the platypus and the echidna. In this Australian Animals Printable Pack, you will meet with 12 of them. The animals included in this pack are: The koala, kangaroo, echidna, wombat, possum, platypus, red-backed spider, bandicoot, brown snake, dingo, frilled-neck lizard, numbat, Tasmanian devil and fruit bat. This printable pack …

Australian Animals Printable Pack

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