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Australian genus of five species of large shrubs or small trees, native to the southeastern parts of Australian Native Garden, Australian Native Flowers, Australian Plants, Exotic Flowers, Red Flowers, Pretty Flowers, Beautiful Flowers Garden, Simple Flowers, Spring Flowers


The Waratah which is the name given it by the local Aborigines has the scientific name Telopea speciosissima. "Telopea" from the Greek means "seen from afar" and "speciosissima" from Latin means handsome. Both are appropriate names. It grows wild along the eastern seaboard of New South Wales, Australia in sandy well drained soil.

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f. Australian Wild Gum Blossom

Australian Wild Gum Blossom. “Gum Tree” is the most common name for the 500 kinds of Australian Eucalyptus. They vary from forest giants to low straggling shrubs. First mentioned by Sir Joseph Banks in 1770, when he wrote of a tree having gum exudations, similar to an exotic plant he knew. The term “Gum Tree” is now usually reserved to those eucalyptus with smooth bark.