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a collage of photos with people and food on them, including pizzas, beer
2017: A Year In Review
a table topped with lots of plates and bowls filled with different types of food on top of it
A Modern Spin on Spanish Cuisine! - The Light Brigade
The wait is finally over! The Light Brigade is proud to present to you – SUBIDA! Our new Spanish inspired Pintxos & Tapas Bar.
a woman is painting on the side of a wall in an office building with large windows
An Artist's Vision - The Light Brigade
The fun, lively and modern Spanish dining experience at Subida is the vision of a curatorial program developed by China Heights gallery in Surry Hills.
an outdoor seating area with tables, chairs and umbrellas overlooking the cityscape
One Year Anniversary!
We celebrated our one year since opening the rooftop bar and cocktail lounge!
Melbourne Cup 2017
Melbourne Cup 2017
Melbourne Cup 2017
three red and clear water bottles sitting next to each other
Tequila; We've Been Doing it Wrong!
National Tequila Day falls this month on July 24. So naturally, you should celebrate by drinking a little tequila!
two men standing next to each other in front of a crowd
5 Things You Need To Know For The Mayweather v McGregor Fight
We all thought it would never happen, and now it's one of the most anticipated boxing events in history!
a close up of a drink in a glass with ice and mint on the rim
The World's Most Expensive Cocktails
We've compiled a list of the world's most expensive cocktails!
an orange drink with fruit garnish in it
Halloween Cocktail Recipe
Learn how to make this spooky cocktail for Halloween!!
a small chocolate dessert topped with fruit on top of a white plate at a restaurant
Valentine's Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we've got the perfect treat to help you celebrate.