Instructions for potato barrel. This is so cool!!

Alternative Gardning: One potato. Two potato. Grow 100 pounds of potatoes in a barrel. need to do this. I go through so many potatoes

Mosaic diy - you can use colored glass, marbles, stones, shells etc.!

Mosaic-Look Flowerpots Create one-of-a-kind garden accents by covering with a of broken ceramic pieces.

gorgeous white roses with pink hearts - I had roses like this called "White Delight" Jackson & Perkins

gorgeous white roses with pink hearts - "White Delight" Jackson & Perkins “Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” ― Alphonse Karr, "A Tour Round My Garden"

Water Lily

Blue water lilies blooming under the water at the Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya. Purple Tropical Water Lily by Bahman Farzad ♥ his work

plants / window / shelves

Kettle’s Yard Cambridge by la Casita I love the thought of bringing the outside inside! the green glow through the plants is perfect.

Shelf from an old pair of Crutches | Recyclart

Shelf From an Old Pair of Crutches

We have already featured on Recyclart a lamp made from an old pair of crutches. Here's another idea of crutches upcycling by Mamie Jane's, she used a pair of them to make a new shelf in a vintage style.

cactus + chalk stick succulents.

Cactus + Chalk stick succulents - change out the cactus for something with a bit of colour and this would be a spectacular entrance garden

Red Flowering Australian Gum Tree

Plants of Australia - Red Flowering Gum Tree ** This is a stunningly beautiful photo of one of our most beautiful blossoms. Beautiful smell also.