Fractal Geometry in Cauliflowers

broccoli romanesca---*colors, green, natures' photography, close up, details* - fractal geometry in cauliflower. I wish this stuff wasn't so hard to track down cuz I'd LOVE to try it!

Light Beyond Sound by Tatiana Plakhova. Tetta minir mig a eitthvad svona transformation dot

"Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself. The only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always NOW/" ~Gary Zukav -art 'Light Beyond Sound' by Tatiana Plakhova: Sacred Geometry

Moneyless / Sacred Geometry This italian artist ran from graffiti to spatial geometry (installations with thread in desert places), and then adopted Graffuturism with this wonderful result.

mandala / Sacred Geometry <3

Central Sun - Digital Art by Soul Structures in My mandalas at touchtalent 10514

sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry of the Nautilus Shell. The Chambered Nautilus is a living fossil that has survived in Earth’s oceans for the last 500 million years. Existing before there were fish, dinosaurs, or mammals, the Nautilus could grow up to six meters long.

Sacred Geometry <3

geometrydaily: “ Staring at the sun – Only ten posts left until we reach the end of the first year Geometry Daily. – A new minimal geometric composition each day ”

psychedelic Psychedelic art flower of life sacred geometry Metatrons Cube

fire psychedelic third eye serpent sacred geometry visionary art we are one Fruit of Life kundalini spiritual art merkaba

METATRON | SEE ONLY LOVE #seeonlylove #metatron #sacredgeometry

Esoteric Exposal on

Monatomic Particles of God Activation – Preparation for the Blood Moon – AA Metatron

Sacred geometry in nature, found in this amphibian tail.

Natural geometry -- pattern and texture of a chameleon's tail.