Multipurpose Elixir - Botanical Musk

A luxury all-over body serum with a remarkable ability to soften, rejuvenate and restore. natural plant musk fragrance with ambrette, rose and jasmine.

Pregnant Mama Herbal Bath

Pregnancy is a special time, but every now and then it can get a little overwhelming. Take a step back and enjoy a Pregnant Mama Herbal Bath of safe botanicals

Oatmeal & Honey Body Scrub

A scrub that is so good you will be wanting to use it more than twice a week! Oatmeal & Honey Body Scrub is nourishing and hydrating for your natural

Little One Herbal Bath

Bathe your new little baby in a blend of soft and safe herbs and botanicals that will soothe, relax and calm. Little One Herbal Bath is natural for baby.

Healing Mama Herbal Bath

Every new Mama needs a bit of quiet time to heal and Healing Mama Herbal Bath by Sal Remedia is specially formulated to provide extra relief, comfort after baby

Green Tea Body Scrub

Invigorate your body and your senses with Sal Remedia Green Tea Body Scrub. A natural blend of Coconut oil, Apricot Kernel oil and Organic Green Tea Leaves

Nourishing Rose Moisturiser

Nourishing Rose Moisturiser