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Perfect Waves Scorpion Bay, Baja California,

Surf lines at Scorpion Bay, San Juanico (Baja, California, 600 miles south of San Diego). The sandy beaches extend for more than 20 miles, south to Punta San Gregorio. Waves here frequently provide fine surfing opportunities.

Knowing what lies just a few feet ahead always makes me Smile

Sandy Stairs between the sand dunes at the beach by the sea. I imagine that just beyond that top stair is the most breathtaking view of a clear blue ocean. I can almost smell the sea!

Choose wisely.

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There are turns and then there are TURN. Kelly Slater demonstrates the latter! Photo: Todd Glasser

There are turns and then there are TURNS. Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Slater demonstrates the latter.