Theo van Oostrom

Theo van Oostrom
Australia / I like to paint the human figure as a symbol of the best within us, showing one's actions as purposeful and volitional. My style is romantic realism in art.
Theo van Oostrom
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Woman Draped In Silk, painting by Theo van Oostrom, Romantic Realism in Art

Specialising in romantic realism in art. Portrait of a woman draped in silk, bathed in light. Classical painting in the style of Vermeer.

Louis Janmot, from his series 'The Poem of the Soul' , before 1854

Romanticism (also the Romantic era or the Romantic period) was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the century

Statue, Cobham Cemetery (C) Robin Webster

This well executed work is of a type seldom seen in cemeteries. It reaches towards the mausoleum seen in