Make your own windsocks. A fun and colourful craft to inspire physical movement and self expression.

How To Make A Windsock: Kid's Rainbow Craft

Manches à air recyclage colourful windsock craft for kids. Great for outside play and super for inspiring physical movement and self expression for all ages. A clean and dry plastic milk jug A selection of ribbons UK / US Kitchen Knife Scissors Stapler

Transportation Toys Poster. For more Play pins visit: ≈ ≈

The Early Years Institute shares multiple posters about what children learn in each center. Great for printing and posting in each center. Could also email to parents.

"Like" this resource for a discountLike this resource? Tell your friends by using the social media icons and a discount will be applied to your purchase at checkout. Share This poster is designed to make life a bit easier for early education teachers when trying to link learning stories and observations to theorists. It is …

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Nature Art Area

I love that this natural art area is outside. Where they can enjoy all of the artwork without worrying about the mess.

7 reasons dress up play is good for your kids

7 reasons dress up play is good for your kids. I whole heartedly agree with this! Imaginative play is the best!

Play outside!!

let the children play: outdoor learning environment. When I'm playing outside, I'm learning. pop into the newsletter, put up in the cloakroom for parents to read and understand the importance of outdoor play.

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The Early Years Institute shares what children learn from books and literacy activities!