Thermomix Clinker Fudge - ThermoFun

thermomixclinkerfudgethermofun milk chocolate condensed milk raw sugar butter 1 Tbsp liquid glucose (available from supermarkets) Clinkers cut into thirds by hand (set a side a few for decorating)

Nougat Honey Log - ThermoFun

thermomix nougat honey log – not much to say other than you must work fast but the reward – oh the reward – it’s well worth the heart stopping moments :) I

Thermomix Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

It’s Wicked Wednesday again! On the third Wednesday of every month I share with you a wicked recipe! If you are new to ThermoFun make sure you check out my other Wicked Wednesday recipes. This Thermom

Old-Fashioned Gingerbread Cake - ThermoFun

Good Old Fashioned thermomix gingerbread cake! What makes it even better, the kids can make it while you sit back and watch or read a book (age permitting).

ThermoFun - Strawberry Pavlova Roll

A beautifully elegant dessert, that is creamy & crunchy all at the same time. You really can't go past this amazing thermomix strawberry pavlova roll.

Peppermint Brownie - ThermoFun

Well it& the day tomorrow to don all your green! This thermomix peppermint brownie recipe will have you ticking all the green boxes! With a nice peppermint

Meet the mother-of-two who uses her Thermomix for EVERYTHING

Leonie Cavill hated to cook, until she got her Thermomix. The Sydney mother-of-two was so taken with the multi-purpose kitchen appliance, she now uses it for everything.

ThermoFuns Baileys Recipes -ThermoFun

I am often asked for recipes that use my very popular Baileys Irish Cream. So here they are collated into one spot for you with links! Be sure to keep checking back as I will be updating this from time to time.

Thermomix – Baileys Ice Cream

Thermomix ice cream made any which way you want! Could it be true! Here I have created a Baileys version of a standard ice cream and it does taste like a

Meals In A Jiffy Thermomix Cookbook - PRINTED VERSION

If you are looking a cookbook full of thermomix quick meals than this ThermoFun Meals In A Jiffy Cookbook is the perfect accompaniment to your cookbook stan

Thermomix Cookbook - ThermoFun Volume 3

Join the ThermoFunkies Club 2016 Week 2 – Cherry Pannacotta

Rum & Raisin Slice – ThermoFun

If you are looking for a slice that tastes exactly like Cadbury Rum & Raisin Chocolate then this thermomix rum & raisin slice is the perfect accompaniment.