Margaret Olley - Australian artist

Painter Margaret Olley poses for a portrait session in her studio in Paddington on November 2005 in Sydney. Margaret Olley was one of Australia's most well known interior and still life painters.

Poppies Margaret Olley

Poppies Margaret Olley "such a relief to see Australian artists represented, Margaret Olley, had an incredible influence on so many generations.

The Yellow Room, by Margaret Olley (her own room in Paddington Terrace).

Margaret Olley Yellow Room, Afternoon oil on board 76 x (her own room in Paddington Terrace).

Margaret Olley, Interior, 1970

Artist: Margaret Olley 24 June 1923 – 26 July 2011 Australian still-life painter

Dry Still Life Margaret Olley

Paintings - Margaret Hannah Olley - Page 4 - Australian Art Auction Records

Artist Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley "Afternoon with Corn Flowers", 1990 (Australia, Post-Impressionism, cent.

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Oh she reminds me of Miss Desporte Nashville artist in her and our landlord. Collage of Life: A Woman and her Craft: Margaret Olley