Dream turned Reality

a woman wearing a pink blazer and white top with the words she got lucky on it
She Got Lucky Podcast Cover | Female Entrepreneur | Instagram and Business
a woman laying on the ground next to a pool filled with oranges and flowers
Business Branding Photoshoot in the most magical location | Bali | Pinks | Pool | Spa
This was literally like someone had created something out of my dreams… And here I am sitting in the middle of it - living… my life?! 🫶🏼✨😳
a woman in white pants leaning against a wall with her arms crossed and looking at the camera
She chose HER | no one else, no one first - HER.
a woman sitting in front of a circular planter
Ultimate Relaxation & Connecting | Alba Thermal Hot Springs | Rest & Refilling my Cup
This was a last minute adventure… And to be completely switching off, dropping everything to reconnect with the most important two relationships I have? Myself and my romantic relationship? I felt so disconnected and finally my mind felt quiet and focused on what was most important.
three beautiful women sitting around a table with food and drinks in front of them at a party
Travel & Business | Likeminded Entrepreneurs | Unstoppable Women | Girls Business Trip
We all met on Instagram - and living together for a few weeks whilst making an absolute storm of epic proportions in our business? Yep - this felt like freaking magic. Everything about this. “Is this really my life?” I thought.
a person holding a bouquet of flowers in their hand
Working with my dream mentor | Making the biggest leap of faith into myself
This was the moment that marked “welcome”. This was the beginning - and it felt so unreal. “Did I really just do that?” It felt like I’d just quantum leaped to the max!!
This has been a post-covid dream - and it felt absolutely MAGICAL to be literally shopping until we dropped in Spain. Is it entirely “on-brand”? Ofcourse - what else would it be? 🤪 Spain, Zara New, Dream Wardrobe, Zara, Wardrobe
Shopping in Spain | Zara | New Dream Wardrobe (Ofcourse On Brand)
This has been a post-covid dream - and it felt absolutely MAGICAL to be literally shopping until we dropped in Spain. Is it entirely “on-brand”? Ofcourse - what else would it be? 🤪
a green couch sitting in front of a neon sign that says the social impact on it
Dream Office Couch | On Brand Green with Neon Sign
I remember adding an “on brand” couch to my vision board after my very first branding shoot. It seemed so unrealistic - like I’d ever be able to have that freedom to just do that!! Well, Alisha - this is your reality.
When you wake up to a notification saying Instagram has tagged you in a story… as “THE REELS PROS”
Brunette woman in red Zara dress, looking out at the ocean with a Beautiful Bali Sunset. Bali, Nomad Life, Digital Nomad Life, Business Friends, Digital Nomad, To Work
Digital Nomad Life | Freedom to Work from Bali with Business Friends
Vip Day, Helping Women, Social Media Services, Women Entrepreneurs, Marketing Course, Social Impact, Instagram Reels, Women Helping Women, Sell Out
Award-Winning Business for Social Media Services | Helping Women Entrepreneurs Stand Out Online
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Full & Filled Launched eCommerce Business for Women in Business Empowerment & Self Care