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Welcome to Rediffmail: Unusual Nature photography of view from a leaf to see Deer, or is that Elk?


Nature landscape under the moonlight - Nature landscape under the moonlight. Mountains, water and full moon at night amazing wallpaper.

Baobab,Tree of Life. . this simple fact that THIS is REAL absolutely blows my mind  #PadreMedium

Beautiful Tree of Life - Baobab

Baobab,Tree of Life. this simple fact that THIS is REAL absolutely blows my…

K ▲ T I A ● MI's (@katia_mi) Story on Steller


Stunningly beautiful! | nature | | sunrise | | sunset | #nature https://biopop.com/

I love you loads. Stay safe kissing and cuddling you in your dreams. 😙❤👫🐙 I wuvies you loads too 🐙👫❤😙 you're amazing and brilliant and my world ❤👫🐙😙 cuddle tight my kitten 🐙❤😙👫

The strength of nature.

Tree in Australia -Roots always find their way home to mother earth :)

Photo of a old ficus tree trunk in the City of Cadiz in Andalusia, Spain in Europe.

Old ficus tree trunk in Cadiz City, Andalusia, Spain. Photo by Rolf Hicker Maybe i shouldn't have given away that big ficus I had!


The Earth horizon seen from space, with the Moon rising against the sparkling starfield of the Milky Way.

Oldest Olive Tree ~ Aged between 3,500 - 5,000 years. ~ Vouves, West Crete ~ Miks' Pics "Trees l" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/trees-l/

Oldest Olive Tree aged between - years old, Vouves, West Crete, Greece. I've sat on this one - not an easy tree to hug properly.

Watching the ✯ Olive Tree :: Jerusalem, Israel ✯ The texture here is amazing, I had never seen anything like that before.

Pinner says: Olive Tree, Jerusalem, Israel. Phenomenal to think some of these trees are so old that they would have been standing when Jesus was in Jerusalem.


Andy Goldsworthy : environmental art "Incredible Serpentine Root", Andy Goldworthy, This piece by Andy Goldworthy is just really cool. It is a great example of environmental art, as it’s very transitory, one expects the sand to wash away at any moment.