Lemon Slice - a no bake, totally yummy treat!

Lemon Slice - a no bake, totally yummy treat! After making this I would add lemon zest to the base mix and make more icing for a thicker layer. Passion fruit icing would be yummy too.

Melting Moments - mmmmmelty.

Exclusively Food: Melting Moments Recipe - this one worked much better for me than the lime rosettes recipe (which melted in the oven)

Freckles: Chocolate and Hundreds and Thousands...

Homemade Chocolate Freckles

This super easy chocolate freckles recipe makes the perfect treat for a rainbow party! Here's how you can make giant chocolate freckles at home.

Ambrosia... Ok, there are a gazillion variations on this dessert, mostly I've had it with Whipped Cream, Berry fruit yoghurt, Marshmallows and Pineapple or Mandarins... but basically, it appears anything goes... don't forget the marshmallows.... what is it with NZers and putting candy in desserts??

Easy Ambrosia Dessert Recipe ~Serve in bowls or cups decorated with a Kit Kat and freshly cut strawberries on top. Feel free to also use a bit of chocolate topping!

Damper!!  This is also bush bread and traditionally baked in the embers of a fire... so yummy, if you can wait patiently for the fire to be low enough and the bread to cook through!


Damper - traditional Aussie bread made in a bush or Outback campfire.We having one tomorrow - Australia Day!

Anzac Biscuits... so named for the joint Australia NZ Army Corps who served in both world wars. Apparently these biscuits travelled well to the front...

Anzac Biscuits, originally called soldiers biscuits until the Anzacs landed at Gallipoli.

Coconut Ice: I actually don't know if this is a uniquely Antipodean recipe but it's a favourite from my childhood!!

Coconut ice

These pink and white coconut ice bring back all the best memories of childhood.

Another Antipodean classic... the humble meat pie... and Tomato Sauce, a must.

Aussie meat pies

An Aussie icon, this classic pie is made with a shortcrust base and a rich beef mince gravy.

Marshmallow Slice... Mmmmmm

marshmallow slice

Marshmallow Weetbix Slice: 1 cup self raising flour 1 desert spoon cocoa powder 3 weetbix, crushed cup white sugar cup desiccated coconut butter, melted for the marshmallow: 1 cup white sugar 1 desert spoon of gelatin cup of water food colouring

I was talking about Pinterest in class today and was reminded by a couple of fellow NZers about Lolly Cake... you may not be able to make any kind of approximation of this anywhere else in the world... except perhaps in Australia where some news agents have a stand of NZ lollies (candy) - fruit puffs are the best, but eskimos will do!!

Rocky Road a.k.a Lolly Cake

This is a New Zealand favourite made using 4 good Kiwi ingredients. If you cant get your hands on the genuine ingredients you can substitute but it wont be quite the same.

Cream Doughnuts - here's a recipe... http://www.recipelion.com/Pastries/New-Zealand-Doughnuts---Cream-Buns#

Cream Doughnuts New-Zealand-Doughnuts---Cream-Buns