Bruny Island, Tasmania

Head south from Hobart, catch a ferry at Kettering, and arrive... at Bruny Island. Just do it.
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One of the caves...  Bruny Island Cruises eco adventure.

Adventure Cruise: South to Bruny Island

A visit to Cape Bruny Lighthouse inspired by "The Lightkeeper’s Wife", a novel by Karen Viggers. Article for

We spent part of the morning in Hobart on Saturday, and then drove 30 minutes south to Kettering to meet the Bruny Island Ferry.

Sunset: The Neck, Bruny Island. Article and photo (by Tezel Tanis) for Think Tasmania.

Sunset in Tasmania: Caught on Camera

Cape Bruny Lighthouse, from #Southport #Tasmania. Article and photo for

A former Think Tasmania reader (who shall remain nameless, because we're polite like that) sent this rather curt message to us: "I'm afra.

Bruny Island Bird Festival Photo @shutterbugwalks ~ article for #Birds #BrunyIsland #Tasmania

New Holland Honeyeater at Adventure Bay, Bruny Island Tasmania (Photo by Shutterbug Walkabouts)

Bruny Island, near Adventure Bay. Article for Think Tasmania.

Took an almost identical (and better!

Aurora Images by WILKOGRAPHY - The Neck, Bruny Island. Article and photos by Ben Wilkinson for Think Tasmania.

Aurora Images and How to Capture Them

Adventure Bay Road, Bruny Island. Photo by Anelda Lotter and article  for Think Tasmania.

The Bruny Island tourist brochure tells you not to try and see all of Bruny in a day. You might be surprised to learn Bruny Island is nearly 100 kilomet.

Dennes Hill, Bruny Island. Photo and article by Helen Young for

Bruny Island Bird Festival: a Joint Effort

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