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Camille Maciejowski
Let Overnight Oats Work Their Magic! Overnight Oats, Have Time, Magic, Let It Be, Thoughts, Eat, Breakfast, Recipes, Breakfast Cafe

Let Overnight Oats Work Their Magic!

I’ve recently discovered the beauty of overnight oats: there comes my solution to having a yummy breakie even on days when I don’t have time to prepare anything in the morning!This exce…

Peaceful Sunday Morning Breakfast at Manlywine Morning Breakfast, Sunday Morning, How To Introduce Yourself, Peace, Wine, Thoughts, Recipes, Food, Breakfast Cafe

Peaceful sunday morning breakfast at Manly Wine

How great is the feeling of going out for breakfast?! I certainly LOVE getting up in the morning to go for a walk, take a good breath of fresh air and try different kinds of breakies. Let me introd…

How to satisfy good food cravings in Cambodia and Laos Best Places To Eat, Food Cravings, Cambodia, I Foods, Laos, Good Food, Favorite Recipes, Thoughts, Ethnic Recipes

How to satisfy good food cravings in Cambodia and Laos

It has been less than a week since I’ve been back from my trip in South-East Asia. I cannot help to constantly reminisce on the amazing memories I have made along the way. As promised, here i…

Rainy Day = Baking Day Thoughts, Baking, Day, Recipes, Bread Making, Patisserie, Rezepte, Backen, Recipe

Rainy Day = Baking Day

When I finished my uni exams for the year I was looking forward to going to the beach to kick off my summer break! Back luck for me, the weather in Sydney was absolutely atrocious. The rain simply…

Novel Muesli Topping: Linseed Meal Start The Day, Muesli, Protein, Novels, Good Food, Make It Yourself, Thoughts, Breakfast, Health

Novel muesli topping: Linseed Meal

As you have probably guessed, I am obsessed with breakfast! There is nothing better than starting the day with good food to give you lots of energy for the day ahead and make you feel great in ge…

Simple quickly made breakfast which consists of berry yogurt topped with mixed frozen berries (which I de-froze in the microwave), roasted almonds and almond flakes. By unfreezing the berries a kind of 'coulis' is created which is very delicious. Roasted Almonds, Acai Bowl, Yogurt, Berry, Frozen, Thoughts, Simple, Breakfast, Recipes

Simple berry yummy breakie

Simple quickly made breakfast which consists of berry yogurt topped with mixed frozen berries (which I de-froze in the microwave), roasted almonds and almond flakes. By unfreezing the berries a kin…

Breakfast With a Hint of Christmas Spirit Nutritious Breakfast, Good Mood, Christmas Cookies, Acai Bowl, Spirit, Thoughts, Easy, Recipes, Food

Breakfast with a hint of Christmas spirit

My mother bought me such cute little Christmas cookies (she is such an angel)! When I saw them on the kitchen bench this morning it put me in such a good mood. I decided to take my time to prepare …

Blueberry Cocktail Blueberry Cocktail, Cleanse Program, Cleanse Me, Cocktails, Vegan, Thoughts, Desserts, Recipes, Food

Blueberry cocktail

Here are some images of a really yummy juice which I made as part of my 5-Day Vegan Cleanse. For the full recipe head to: I did not have all the ingredients required to make the proper juice as fr…

Happy discovery of the day: Raw organic food bar in Byron Organic Food Bar, Organic Recipes, Juice Place, Green Organics, Byron Bay, Discovery, Thoughts, Day, Organic Dinner Recipes

Happy discovery of the day: Raw organic food bar in Byron

Lucky enough to spend my holidays in Byron Bay, I have been enjoying the many encounters with healthy/green/organic food and juice places. Today I discovered the ‘perfect’ (well, in my …

Yum – it’s brunch time! Lunch Recipes, Brunch, Cheese, Thoughts, Breakfast, Sweet, Food, Luncheon Recipes, Breakfast Cafe

Yum – it’s brunch time!

To me the definition of brunch is a perfect combination of breakfast and lunch food on a plate incorporating sweet and savoury flavours harmonically. Well, the BayLeaf cafe in Byron Bay truly maste…

Grumbling tummy… hungry for some home-made granola Dried Figs, Dried Cranberries, Roast Me, Crunchy Granola, Muesli, Coconut Oil, Homemade, Thoughts, Cooking

Grumbling tummy… hungry for some home-made granola

Continuing on my cooking spree, I decided to prepare some home-made granola. I have roasted my own muesli before but I always seem to have trouble getting a nice crunchy granola. The trick is to ad…

Chocolate muesli… Really? Muesli, Plant Based Recipes, App, Thoughts, Chocolate, Baking, Breakfast, Food, Bread Making

Chocolate muesli… Really?

Yes, I baked my first ‘chocolate muesli’ this morning inspired from a recipe I saw on the ‘thewholepantry’ app (TWP) Click here to download the app – I really recommen…

Afternoon Snack Idea Gym Classes, Afternoon Snacks, Waffles, Thoughts, Breakfast, Recipes, Food, Breakfast Cafe, Rezepte

Afternoon snack idea

Good afternoon! This morning I went to one of the hardest gym classes I have ever done! Let’s face it though, one of the reasons for which I found it so difficult is probably because I am rat…

Delicious Dairy-Free Muesli Muesli, Acai Bowl, Dairy Free, Thoughts, Breakfast, Recipes, Food, Acai Berry Bowl, Breakfast Cafe

Delicious Dairy-Free Muesli

When I woke up today I felt a bit tense/nervous because I had an interview for an internship later that morning. I’m not going to say which company I applied for because it is not guaranteed …

Brownie For Breakie? Let's do it! Lets Do It, Let It Be, Best Breakfast Recipes, New Cookbooks, Oatmeal, Thoughts, Eat, Food, Essen

Brownie for Breakie? Let’s do it.

I discovered the BEST breakfast recipe!!!! If you are like me and could eat chocolate anytime of the day (this includes breakfast) then keep on reading. I got this recipe from a new cookbook which …

Chocolate-Almond Cookies Almond Cookies, Love Chocolate, Chip Cookies, Oatmeal, Vanilla, Thoughts, Baking, Breakfast, Recipes

Chocolate-Almond Cookies

As I mentioned in my ‘Brownie for Breakie? Let’s do it!’ post yesterday, I do really love chocolate. So, today I decided to bake the ‘Almond and Vanilla Choc-Chip Cookies…