More ideas from Yass.
Whoever did this it's amazing!

Do you ever look at Michael and say "wow he's ugly" because if you do I will personally come to your house and tape your mouth shut so my baby can be happy and carefree

Safety first guys

"He's been waiting about 15 minutes to cross this road cause he's scared hahahahaha" awwwwww little cal.

Not even gonna risk it

I've pinned this so many times before and I really hate chain mail, but I can't EVER risk this. I mean it's already a good chance that I'm never going to meet them and I know that this stuff doesn't actually work but still.

OMG this girl is the bomb she totally told off michaels ex thank you for sticking up for MICHAEL<<< Boom truth is told abigal you suck

Love you all guys ❤️❤️❤️

If you have been here since Luke started making covers, since Calum and Mikey joined, since Ash joined, Since they played their first show. A FAN FROM THE START>>so you only respect fans who were with them since the start?