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a bed with a lion pillow on top of it next to a wooden headboard
our bed
a room with a mirror and other items on the table
Odile Bailloeul
a drawing of three feathers with red, white and blue designs
Haida Eagle Feathers - Black by Mammomax7432 on DeviantArt
an old green door with stained glass panels on the front and back doors, in a garden
Decorated Frida Kahlo Door 2
a green door with flowers painted on it in a room that has stairs leading up to the second floor
A artista francesa Nathalie Lété transformou todas as paredes de sua casa durante a quarentena - FTCMag
a living room filled with furniture and paintings on the wall behind a wooden coffee table
Uma casa como você nunca viu | Histórias de Casa
an art work is displayed on the wall next to a potted plant and other decorative items
a dog is sitting in front of a mirror with flowers painted on the wall behind it