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a collage of photos with the words hey chees and two women in front of them
Toni la Chef
Nickelodeon called us to create the styleguide for their show Toni la Chef, where the main character is a teenage Chef with a lot of attitude. Lots of process where we got to understand the Nickelodeon universe, and were we developed illustrations, patter…
two women are walking past a store with signs on the front and side of it
12 Must-Know Japanese Convenience Store Phrases (And How to Respond to Them!)
Have you ever been to a convenience store in Japan and wondered what the staff might be saying? What about those times when you are standing at the register, completely baffled by what they're asking and you are just at a loss for words on how to reply? This is actually a pretty common experience, and so we have picked out 12 key phrases to give everyone a better understanding of how to make use of these lovely, convenient places that can make your Japan trip so much easier.
an artist's rendering of a convenience store with bicycles parked in the front window
Business Floor Mat | Sunoco Convenience Store Rug Grocery Store, Convinience Store, Grocery Store Design
Business Floor Mat | Sunoco Convenience Store Rug
the dollar shop is stocked with drinks and juices
the inside of a store with red and white checkered flooring on the walls
23 05 올리브영 팝업존
a supermarket filled with lots of fresh fruit and veggies
a store filled with lots of food and drinks
the inside of a grocery store with shelves filled with food and drink bottles on display
How to Have a Very Good Smoke Sesh in Toronto
an ice cream shop with refrigerators full of different colored drinks and beverages on display
信義區新地標!率先走進大中華區首間瓶裝雞尾酒複合概念店 WAT
the refrigerators are full of drinks and condiments
a woman holding a yellow cell phone in front of a building with the words thriftall on it
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