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a purple and white flower with green leaves
A stunning luminata plicata with mauve standards that have a luminous creamy buff edge and creamy buff style arms with a mauve central line. The falls are strong red purple, edged in luminous creamy buff, and a strong white zonal spot extending all around the orange/tangerine beards. Flowering mid- to late-season at 98cm, Cioming Attraction Tijara is great in a clump. Awaiting registration.
an orange and pink flower with green leaves in the background, surrounded by purple and yellow flowers
Fashionably late to the Garden Party is Tijara Party Guest! An iris with lovely large blooms on big strong stems at 96cm tall. Toasted salmon standards sit above red-violet falls and tangerine-red beards. An iris that attracts many of our visitors to take a closer look at the well formed and abundant blooms. Sturdy and reliable, flowering mid- to late-season.
a large pink flower sitting in the middle of green leaves on a sunny day at tijapa party talk
The Girl with all the Goss @ the garden party is Tijara Party Talk! Flowering mid-season at a 92cm tall, she displays near alabaster-pink standards that are slightly stronger in tone around the mid ribs. The falls are also alabaster pink with old rose stippling radiating down and out across each fall to a wide solid band of old rose, lightening in colour all around the petal edge. Blooms are fluted and ruffled with excellent form and substance. Reliable all round performance. Really lovely.
a close up of a purple flower with leaves in the background
Garden Party Month continues @Tijara iris Garden with High Tea! At 96 tall and flowering mid- to late- season, Tijara Tea Party has rose violet standards with blue violet hues around the midribs. The falls are the same colour with an even lighter blue area around their orange beards. Beautifully ruffled with lovely form and very durable. We love it.
an orange and pink flower with green leaves in the background on a sunny day at tiara party girl
September is Garden Party Month @Tijara iris Garden! Tijara Party Girl is really lovely with her gentle peach pink standards that deepen slightly around their edges. The falls are near white and lightly washed over with peach pink. They also have a definite peach pink banded edge and the colour is stronger across the hafts. Wide blocky form, flowering mid- to late-season at 98cm tall.
four different types of flowers with the words last season's star performers
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Tijara Catch Up Volume 4 has been released!
an orange and yellow flower in the middle of some grass with other flowers behind it
a purple and white flower with green leaves in the background