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Sexytime on wheels thru Twin Peaks!

Save your money! Excellent quality for the price! A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. (What Is Your Favorite Movie)

Stephen Thompson - Lego Judge Dredd by LostCarPark, via Flickr

Stephen Thompson is a highly regarded Irish artist, who hasn't yet had the opportunity to draw Judge Dredd professionally.


Based on the 2012 Dredd movie design. Helmet was hand sculpted and I finally got around to making the mold for it this week. Final helmet is resin cast and hand painted.

Judge Dredd by Frank Miller

Apparently, group editor Matt Smith has nixed this Judge Dredd cover by Jason Latour. The specter of Frank Miller’s ill-fated cover commission was apparently raised.

dredd1138:  Judge Dredd vs the Dark Judges!!!

Judge Dredd vs The Dark Judges; Judge Fear, Judge Fire, Judge Death & Judge Mortis (by Greg Staples)

judge dredd - Google Search

judge dredd - Google Search