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a quote that says talent is the ability to let ideas manifist themselves through you
a quote that reads when you see something beautiful, more often than not, you don't know why it's beautiful
a quote that reads i don't know anything, but i trust my taste
Rick Rubin on Instagram: “@tetragrammaton.now”
a quote on the side of a white wall with black lettering that reads,'the closer we get to the freedom of chill like creative expression
some type of text on pink paper with words above it that read sunshine, and something funny can help restore hope
the words in my artist era are blue on a light green background with black letters
the words you'll find it when you aren't looking are in black and white
the words get out of your stomach on a yellow and green circle with pink writing
i'm glad to text this with colored crayon pencils on paper
Wendy Cope's The Orange Poster
An oil pastel poster inspired by Wendy Cope's poem, the Orange. Credit: @/eighthmonthart on IG
an orange and pink poster with the words, attachment is not that you own nothing