I am crazy about Harry Potter and all animals
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funny parents texts - 15 Ridiculous Dad Texts Just In Time For Father’s Day

this is literally so entertaining idk why tho ? just keep scrolling.

why did i pin this? I LOVE GIRAFFES! why is it backwards tho its head and butt are different directions it just doesnt look natural

Quiz:- Find the number 8 in the picture within a minute.....Like if you found it...;) www.galaxyoptician.com

Share this if you could find the number 8 within a minute<< I did it under 10 seconds>> just cross your eyes and it will appear

Thanks, Golden Freddy. ((This is the reason I love FNaF XD))

Everyone can be safe now I have immunity cat, gecko, unicorn and golden Freddy. Those pins can't hurt me, But I also lve Justin Bieber so.

When I try to be scary.

I was expecting it to do something scary and then and then .aaaaa I was starting to get scared and then….Oh you guys. Just watch it. i was getting sooooooo scared:L:L Oh my Goddess I was so terrified for a minute and then BOOM.

Repin if you have brown eyes

Fact: People with brown/hazel eyes are the most fun and happy. They kiss the best and will love when not wanted; they always end up falling for people they haven't known for long. They are the most hyper and crazy people, you can't do better than them.

I was looking for a mistake

I laughed to hard at the end. How long is this thing? Lol u have to read till the end