Wax paper wood transfer. YES!  Print on wax paper and then transfer it directly to wood. Who knew?!

Transfer Images Using Wax Paper: Tutorial

Use household wax paper to transfer your favorite graphics. I used an old wooden pizza peel, wax paper, an inkjet printer and a credit card.

bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. Instant stamps!

bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. bottle tops, glue on foam stickers.

OMG!!!!  I'm TOTALLY doing this!!!

Make your own mailable slice of cake

Cake Postcard Tutorial by She Knows. Surprise your friends and family with a fun piece of snail-mail: a cake postcard. Learn how to make your own slice with this diy craft tutorial.

Under table hammock | Joyful Abode

How to Make a Woven Wrap Hammock

someday i'll be the cool gramma who shows my grand-kids how to make one of these. :) Under the table hammock.I made table tents when my kids were little.but no hammocks:))

these ideas are great

Simple Little Home: 40 Ways to Distract a Toddler. great tips on toddler friendly games & activities. not exactly how to keep a tot distracted on a plane (as you might have thought) but still great ideas listed.

cute craft for the kids

Green craft project idea - Repurpose a tuna can and clothes pins to make a flower pot or candle holders. Would be cute to do with a kid to work on fine motor skills. Would be cute for grandparents or as a Mothers Day gift! =) mothers day present :)

3D hand art

cool hand drawing for kids.art lesson on lines.also made me think of Gibson for your after school crafts, I think kids would think this is pretty cool!

Cheap & Easy Homemade Clear Embossing Ink

Cheap & Easy Homemade Clear Embossing Ink - by fearless creativity - 1 tsp of petroleum jelly + Mix in capful of vegetable oil + mix in capful of alcohol to dilute then add to ink pad (glue pad) by dona

recycled tissue rolls as pencil, pen and paint brush holders... such a great idea for the craft room and the earth as well !!

recycled tissue rolls as pencil, pen and paint brush holders! I see a shoebox filled with the rolls for great storage of kids art supplies!

Origami ribbons!

How to make a paper bow - good if you run out of ribbon. Gift wrapping ideas and papercrafts

8 Activities for Tots That Won't Cost You Anything -- such creative ideas and you probably have everything on hand already to do these things!

8 Activities For Tots That Won’t Cost You Anything

8 activities for tots that won't cost you anything! Looking for some ideas to keep your tots busy this summer? Here are eight ideas that you can do with items you probably already have on hand.

Make your own embossing plates.  The technique to make the Folder:    1) Cut an image out of cardboard (cereal box thickness)  2) Stick the pieces on more cardboard  3) Seal it all up with some Mod Podge

Mel Stampz: Free-hand cut D. Cereal box Cuttlebug or Pressure Embossing Plates