Futuristic architecture
Modern marvels

Futuristic architecture

For decades, designers and architects have dreamt of what cities and homes would look like someday. Take a tour of these buildings and concepts for a look into the future.
the interior of a modern restaurant with pink walls and flooring is lit by lights
Smart-ologic Corian® Living by Karim Rashid | Showrooms
a circular building with glass walls on the outside and reflecting in the water at night
KTX archilab completes cloud of luster, a wedding chapel in himeji, japan
the room is brightly lit and has blue walls, orange flooring, and colorful furniture
At the Nhow Marseille Hotel in France, Italian Furniture and Local Grit Lead the Design
the instagram page on instagram shows an image of a bedroom with pink and blue walls
Patricia Bustos' Retro-Futuristic "Wonder Galaxy" in Madrid | Yatzer
a living room filled with furniture next to a tall white wall and ceiling mounted light fixture
niko architect weaves organic, futuristic house into artificial landscape in moscow
an unusual house with a pool in front of it
Futuristic Organically Shaped Home Balances Architectural and Natural Design | iDesignArch | Interior Design, Architecture & Interior Decorating eMagazine
a room filled with lots of pink and white furniture
nhow Berlin Hotel | music and lifestyle hotel
nhow Berlin
nhow Berlin
an artistic rendering of a woman standing in front of a building with a circular pool
wafai sculpts the 'scandinavian seashell house' as a single organic form
an unusual house built into the side of a cliff by the ocean with people swimming in it
Gallery of A Circular Summer Retreat and a Native-Tree Inspired Bungalow: 11 Unbuilt Villas Submitted to ArchDaily - 73
a living room filled with green couches next to a large painting on the wall
celebrating the french countryside, the villa ortizet is cloaked in vibrant monochrome green
colorfully painted houses in the desert with cacti and succulents
Architectural visualisers imagine rainbow-coloured Sonora Art Village
a room with pink and blue walls, circular mirrors and chandeliers
Retro-Futurism Flourishes in a Dressing Room from Patricia Bustos