How to say, "I'm sorry."
Effective apologies

How to say, "I'm sorry."

Admitting you're wrong and apologizing can be difficult. When you can't find the right words to say, or you're not sure how to make the proper delivery, check out these guides for making a meaningful apology.
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How to Figure Out Your Apology Language (And Why You Should)
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Episode 22: A Better Way to Say Sorry
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How to Apologize Professionally in an Email (2024)
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You Know Your Love Language — Now Learn Your Apology Language
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Move aside love languages: Knowing your apology language is more crucial for your relationship.
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What a Real Apology Requires
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Important Attributes Of A Full Apology
Mind Help
Mind Help
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The Right Way to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ (Published 2017)
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11 Tips For Apologizing In A Way That Will Avoid More Fights In The Future
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This Is How You Can Apologize To Someone You've Hurt & Move Forward
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There Are 5 Apology Languages—Here's How to Understand and Employ Them
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Apology Letter for Being Late to Work
The Right Way to Apologize
The Right Way to Apologize
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The 3 Stages Of Giving A Sincere Apology, As Told By A Former People Pleaser
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Transgress Much? Use These Expert Tips for Apologies, So You All Can Move On.
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The Three Parts of an Effective Apology
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The Five Languages Of Apology & Why They Make Apologies More Meaningful
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If You Want Your Apology to Be Sincere, You Need to Have These Three Things
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7 Key Steps to a Really Effective Apology
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What's The Best Way To Apologize? Here's The Science Behind Effective Apologies
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Six elements of an effective apology, according to science