It's probably five o'clock somewhere
Timeless watches

It's probably five o'clock somewhere

Unwind with new twists on throwback pieces, or try on wristwear that doesn't tell time at all. These watches are all style and the perfect fit for living in the moment.
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Meet the Watchmakers Who Don’t Want to Tell You the Time
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This Artist Turns Old Pocket Watches Into Miniature Worlds, And The Result Is Fascinating (28 Pics)
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The Hautlence Playground Labyrinth Takes You To The Ball Game
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Gift-Giving for Less :: Get Crafty and Creative with VarageSale Finds
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Men around the world are wearing broken watches — but an expert says there's more than one reason why — Business Insider
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Kinetic sculpture watch spins fast or slow based on productivity and emotional state - Yanko Design