Multi-tasking cooking hacks you need to try
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Multi-tasking cooking hacks you need to try

The only thing worse than too many cooks in the kitchen is too much kitchen for the cook. Try these multi-tasking tips and tricks to save time and make dinner doable.
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a can filled with chicken wings and tomato sauce
12 Alternate Uses for Kitchen Gadgets
someone pouring herbs into a mortar bowl on top of a wooden table with utensils
Multitasking kitchen gadgets worth their space in your drawer
a roasted turkey on a white plate with the words alternative ways to cook a turkey
Joanna Gaines' Best Kitchen Shortcuts
six brown eggs in a wire basket on top of an oven burner with one egg broken
30+ Shockingly Easy-To-Master Cooking Hacks That All Professional Chefs Know
Saving Time in the Kitchen: 10 Cooking Shortcuts for Busy Moms Ideas, Smoothies, Overnight Oats, Raw Food Recipes, Dessert, Dallas, Nutrition, Meal Prep, Food Guide
Saving Time in the Kitchen: 10 Cooking Shortcuts for Busy Moms
someone is kneading dough into a bowl
Press a pot lid onto your dough and prepare to be impressed by the end result
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Can You Really Make Poached Eggs in the Oven?
muffins cooling on racks in a kitchen
Cool Baked Goods With an Ironing Board
a woman sitting at a table with some plastic bags in front of her and one hand on top of the bag
The Last Thing You Should Do with That Bubble Wrap That Came in the Mail
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How to Store Cookies to Keep Them Fresh
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24 Ina Garten Recipes We Can't Stop Making
a wooden spoon in a pot filled with rice
32 Cooking Shortcuts That'll Actually Get Dinner On The Table Faster
a person is stirring something in a pan on the stove
9 Multitasking Kitchen Tools for Under $20 That Free Up Space (and Cut Down Prep Time) | Hunker
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The Constantly Sold-Out Pan That’s a Dutch Oven, Skillet, *and* Stockpot Is Finally Back in Stock
18 Crockpot Ideas: DIY Divider, Liner, and More Great Ideas
18 Crockpot Ideas: DIY Divider, Liner, and More Great Ideas
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Brett Regot Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Brett RegotTheres a lot of chatter these days about multipurpose cooking tools. And were all about that! Small kitchens, minimal counter space, or just a low tolerance for clutter are all great reasons to invest in cooking tools that do #allofthejobs.But there are some unitaskers tools that do one job only well never give up. In fact, some of them are so helpful and necessary, wed recommend that eve Brown Sauce, Butter, Butter Sauce, Freezing Butter, Irish Butter, Cooking Tools, Cooking Light, Bell Jar, Champagne Vinegar
8 Kitchen Gadgets That Are So Much More Useful than You’d Ever Think
The Kitchn
The Kitchn
two bowls with pasta in them are stacked on top of each other and being held by someone's hand
29 Useful Kitchen Products That Aren't Unitaskers
Cooking Better: Garlic Knife Skills
Joshua Weissman
Joshua Weissman
broccoli florets in a white bowl on a black surface
How to Steam Vegetables Without a Steamer
Surprising Multi-Use Kitchen Tools
Giada De Laurentiis
Giada De Laurentiis
the contents of a coffee maker sitting on a white counter top, including broccoli and spices
Coffee Maker Cooking: Brew Up Your Next Dinner
a large pot sitting on top of a wooden counter next to tomatoes and pickles
4 Multitasking Appliances That Help Make Cooking (and Cleanup) a Breeze