New year, same you
Because you're great

New year, same you

Just because it’s a new year, doesn’t always mean things will change drastically. As this mix of memes, quotes and tips suggests, being you is the freshest look of all.
someone writing on a notepad next to a cup of coffee and succulents
Why you shouldn't make a 2022 New Year's resolution, according to a psychologist
a woman running in the park with earphones on her head and an mp3 player attached to her back
I'm Rethinking My Fitness Goals For the New Year; Here's Why
the words stop thinking you need to be extreme, and start being conscient
The Top 2 Reasons Resolutions Don't Work | Mitten Mama
sarah 👑
sarah 👑
a person sitting down writing on a note pad with a pen in their hand while holding a notebook
Why You Should Make An Anti-Resolution List (And What To Put On It)
a person standing on the beach with their arms spread out in front of them and birds flying
Rethinking Resolutions: One Powerful Intention for the Year
the words, why we're rethinking new year's resolutions
Why We're Rethinking New Year's Resolutions | Taylor Magazine
Taylor Magazine | A Guide To Lifestyle, Wellness & Simple Living
Taylor Magazine | A Guide To Lifestyle, Wellness & Simple Living
Katie Dalebout’s Pivot: Making Some Anti-Regimen Resolutions People, Regimens, Mental Wellness, Wellness, Helping Other People, Adaptogens, Connection, Community, Fad Diets
Katie Dalebout’s Pivot: Making Some Anti-Regimen Resolutions
an old pink phone sitting on top of a marble counter next to a red cord
Self Care | New Year's (Anti) Resolution
the new year but same troubles t - shirt design is shown in purple and orange
New Year, Same Me: Yeye Weller's latest illustrations poke fun at New Year's resolutions
a person writing on a notebook next to glasses and a cup of tea with a pen
Anti-Resolutions Are The New Resolutions — Here’s Why
a woman jumping up into the air with her arms in the air and text that reads,
Don't expect any New Year's Resolutions from me. I plan on staying the same awkward, sarcastic, foul-mouthed delight, that you've all come to know and love!
a woman hanging from a rope over the water with mountains in the backgroud
Try this Foolproof Alternative to Setting New Year's Resolutions and Watch Your Life Transform!
a black and white photo with the words new year, same me because m fabulous
12 New Year LetterBoard Quote Ideas for 2020 | Such A Sweetheart
Such A Sweetheart | High-Altitude Baking | Eggless Baking Options
Such A Sweetheart | High-Altitude Baking | Eggless Baking Options
a notepad with the words new years resolution and four out making new year's resolutions written on it
Two Reasons Why You Should Not Make New Year’s Resolutions
three scrabble tiles spelling happy new year
An Alternative to the New Year’s Resolution
Toxic People, New Year's Resolutions, New Year's, Happy New Year, Newyear, Happy New, Its Okay, Happy Mom, Goal List
No New Years Resolutions? It's Okay!
kermik the frog talking on phone with caption that reads, i gota call you back i wanna laugh at everyone new years resolutions
20 New Year's Resolution Memes You Need To See -
a group of people standing around each other holding wine glasses with sparklers in their hands
A psychotherapist says there are 3 common reasons so many people's New Year's resolutions end in failure
a calendar is stacked on top of each other
Rethinking Resolutions: Setting goals one month at a time
Angela @ Frugal Living NW
Angela @ Frugal Living NW