Savory pie recipes
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Savory pie recipes

This time of year, sweet pumpkin and apple fillings tend to be popular, but savory pies are delicious winners, too. Try these one-dish dinners to get a taste of comfort in a crust.
some meat pies are on a black tray
Sweeney Todd: Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies - Feast of Starlight
a vegetable pie is shown on a cutting board next to other vegetables and utensils
Caramelized Zucchini Phyllo Pie Is All We Want to Eat Right Now
a wooden cutting board topped with cheesy pastries and a serving spoon next to it
Flaky Broccoli Cheddar Soup Mini Pies |
Half Baked Harvest
Half Baked Harvest
there is a pie with meat and peas on the table next to other food items
British Steak and Ale Pie - Culinary Ginger
Culinary Ginger (
Culinary Ginger (
a pot filled with food on top of a table
French-Inspired Chicken Pot Pie - Bev Cooks
several pastries in a box next to a bottle of wine and some glasses on a table
Chorizo Pumpkin And Caramelised Onion Hand Pies | Donna Hay