The SS Maheno ship wreck Fraser Island. Photo by Timo Balk. #fraserisland #queensland #australia

Fraser Island, an Island in Queensland, Australia. "The Maheno Shipwreck Fraser Island. (Photo by Timo Balk)

#shark in #fraser island #Australia. Surfing is not really safe there!

Don't swim in the Ocean at Fraser Island! It's a bit sharky.

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

One of my favourite places in the whole world Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Why can't I be here right now? Lake McKenzie - one of 40 perched dune lakes on island #fraserisland #queensland #australia

Lake McKenzie

Discover Lake McKenzie in Fraser Island, Australia: The only pollutant in the clear blue water is sunscreen.

Lake McKenzie on Frasier Island, Australia.  It really is a lake, I was lucky to spend my 40th birthday there!  The sand is so white it looks like snow...

Lake McKenzie on Frasier Island, Australia. Most beautifully coloured lake I've seen

the beautiful emerald Lake Wabby

The best place I've ever spent a hungover Monday.

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