Tommy Ramsay

Tommy Ramsay
Sydney Australia / I like transport, Respect For the past & Food !
Tommy Ramsay
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Abandoned Steel Mill.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Left & gone to China)

Blast Furnace- Standing 92 ft tall it dominates the local landscape. The towers are also the last non-operational blast furnaces still standing in the Pittsburgh area.

Global warming has caught the Polar Express.

"Dead End".by Keith Alexander South African visual artist. Martin Luther is a steam locomotive abandoned in the desert of the Skeleton Coast outside of the town of Swakopmund, Africa

urbex-exploration:  jump right in

Bloso Outdoor is an outdoor sports facility near the Belgium village Hofstade. This is the place of the well known abandoned outdoor swimming pool with it’s characteristic buildings.

Feels post-apocalyptic

I'd just like to sit in a cart and absorb the world around me. The former amusement park on the Spree in Spreepark. Just south of Treptower Park, it is a great cycle ride and offers some stunning views of Berlin.

Abandoned Places 1

Abandoned Amusement Parks - Some of these are strangely beautiful. (Although being in an abandoned amusement park would be creepy it could be cool too. and also sad.

I can almost hear the sound of the chain cranking as the car is lifted up the first hill. Creepiness

Abandoned amusement park Life always finds a way to blossom anywhere

Urban Industry - Grandpa H. would love this one.

Visions of an Industrial Age: I always dreamed of places like this to hang in, while growing up.Theres no shit like this in Denver tho, except Gates Rubber Factory.