The Weekly Tonic

Series on our blog, dedicated to what we're eating, reading, watching, listening to, dancing to, and generally appreciating.
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Born to Run by Chris McDougall - The Weekly Tonic #9 - Tonic and Soul -

Ultramarathoners: American Scott Jurek runs with Raramuri/Tarahumara Arnulfo Quimare.

The Weekly Tonic #6 - The Shawshank Redemption - Weekly Tonic

Secret Artist: Andy Dufresne – From The Shawshank Redemption - Artiholics

The Weekly Tonic #10 I Spilled Milk Podcast I

Seattle-based podcast Spilled Milk mixes together cuisine and Pacific Northwest Culture (with a heaping spoonful of comedy) for a hysterical mixture of recipes, witty banter, cooking tips, and more.

The Weekly Tonic #12 I Silk & Soul by Nina Simone I

Nina Simone rocking the Turban, 1967 Getty Archive

The Weekly Tonic #11 I The Shipping News I Annie Proulx I

The extremity of the location is one of the most memorable aspects of the novel. But how recognisable is it?

The Weekly Tonic #10 I Sam Cooke I

Sam Cooke Biopic Finally Being Developed

Tame Impala - The Weekly Tonic #9 - Tonic and Soul -

Tame Impala - The Weekly Tonic #9 - Tonic and Soul -

The Weekly Tonic #6 - George Martin and The Beatles -

Ringo Starr announces death of revered producer George Martin, 'the fifth Beatle', who signed the band to Parlophone and collaborated on almost all of their records George Martin dies – tributes