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☀️ ωåтçħιиg F·R·I·E·N·D·S, ωħåт єℓѕє? ☀️  ·  dσn't чσu thínk thє ѕíх fríєndѕ cσmplєtєd σur lívєѕ? • cнandlər вιng • мonιca gəllər • roѕѕ gəllər • racнəl grəən • pнoəвə вυғғay • joəy тrιввιanι
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When Monica had a jellyfish sting!

Imagem de friends, Joey, Monica and Chandler

The reason my <3 keeps on beating

The reason my keeps on beating

And even before they were a couple... <3 #Mondler

And even before they were a couple.

"Dude, stop talking crazy, and make us some tea!" Lol those guys crack me up. <3 #Friends

Is there a moment in ''Friends'' that you can recite line to line? Maybe a moment in ''Friends'' that you hold very dear to your heart? Maybe a moment where you either cried your eyes out or laughed.

#JimmyKimmel Can't believe that they did this skit! Definitely made my day! They were just amazing <3 #FRIENDS20th #JenniferAniston #CourteneyCox #LisaKudrow

Lisa, Courteney and Jennifer have nice hair cuts. A reunion of sorts: Jennifer was joined by Courteney and Lisa for the skit, which was performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show

#CourteneyCox accepted and did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge! But it's so upsetting she didn't choose #MatthewPerry! :'(

Courteney Cox Gets Ed Sheeran’s Help for Ice Bucket Challenge! Check out Courteney Cox getting drenched with two buckets of ice while completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!