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Use this board to find ideas for planting and garden designs. What to plant where and when. Where can the best the parks and gardens be found in and around…
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a wooden chair with a pink bowl on it
Unique Painted Chairs For Your Garden
many orange and yellow tulips are growing in the dirt
Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2014
Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2013
several different types of food and plants with words describing them
Unusual Compost Items - I can compost that?? The Gardening Cook
Weird things you Did not Know you Could compost. - 100% cotton balls Used Matches Used Tissues Paper Towels Wine Corks Peanut shells Used Tea bags Used Coffee Grounds DON' THROW AWAY <3
three forks with corks attached to them sitting on top of green plants and bushes
Fork & Cork Plant Markers
The cutest plant markers ever!
a cork as plant label on a potted plant with green leaves in the background
A Craft For The Uncrafty!!
Wine cork plant markers: such a smart, easy idea.
strawberries growing in small pots with labels on them and the words 5 tips for growing strawberries
5 Tips for Growing Strawberries
5 Tips for Growing Strawberries
lemon and rosemary garden's hand scrub in a jar next to two lemons
DIY Lemon and Rosemary Gardener's Hand Scrub Recipe
DIY Lemon & Rosemary Gardener's Hand Scrub
the cover of carrots love tomatoes secrets of companion planting for successful gardening by louis rotte
Companion Planting Chart - One Hundred Dollars a Month
Companion Planting Chart
an old pallet planter with plants growing out of it
That is so cool. Saves space and utilizes pallets at the same time. Would work well for strawberries too. Any vining plant would be great to get off the ground. vertical pallet gardening | south africa
a potted plant with lemons growing on it in the grass near an old building
Lemon Tree Care: How To Grow A Lemon Tree
how to grow a lemon tree
Coffee filters in pots drains the water not the soil! Life Hacks, Recycling, Cleaning, Coffee, Coffee Filters, Repurposed
Trashy Wench: The Queen of Creative Reuse
Coffee filters in pots drains the water not the soil!
a clock hanging from the side of a building with flowers growing in front of it
I want one! I love container gardening.
someone is placing plants in their raised garden beds
Raised-bed vegetable garden. This would be awesome! Fresh veggies without weeding or watering :) that's my kinda garden! :)
how to grow fruit trees in containers
How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers
How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers