My - Sea Glass Hobby

Sea Glass is everywhere. I love to collect it along the shoreline wherever and whenever I can. I also love to see what others have collected and what creations…
340 Pins
a mirror made out of different colored tiles
A New Pique Assiette Mirror or The Beach Pottery Shard Experiment
Mirror with Beach Pottery shards, by Helen Bushell,
a bunch of different colored beads hanging from a tree in front of snow covered trees
several seashells and shells are hanging from gold chains on a white surface with a piece of driftwood in the foreground
This is some of the most useful, cool craft work for beach finds #beachfinds #shellcrafts #keychaindiy #driftwoodcrafts #diyseaglass
two glass jars filled with driftwood and seashells
sea ideas - inspiración marinera
three pieces of driftwood are hanging from the ceiling with beaded necklaces on them
a bottle of krylon spray paint next to a bowl with rings on it
Can you spray paint glass? Yup! Here's how!
a wind chime hanging from a tree branch on top of green grass with lots of different colored glass beads
Scottish Sea Glass Mobile