Craters, caves, volcanoes and waterfalls around Undara Volcanic National Park. Here's how you can do it all in 4 days from Cairns.

Emu Creek Camping

Emu Creek: How to Escape the Crowds in NQ

Undara Lava Tubes

Discover Undara Lava Tubes in Mount Surprise, Australia: White cockroaches and other cave species occupy this massive series of lava tubes.

Lava Tubes Undara

Lava Tubes were formed by lava flowing from the Undara volcano when it erupted around 190 million years ago.

Undara lava tubes  - Australian Geographic

Undara lava tubes - Australian Geographic

Undara Experience

Australian Outback: Have You Visited Undara Experience Yet?

Granite Gorge reception area

Granite Gorge reception area

Chillagoe Creek

Chillagoe Creek

Emu Creek

Emu Creek

Mount Mulligan

Travel NQ's local travel writers discover off the beaten track areas in North Queensland such as Mount Mulligan Station, in the Cairns Outback.