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an egyptian cross is hanging on the wall
Ebros Egyptian Ankh of Isis with Open Wings Wall Plaque 7.5" High (Bronze)
the diagram shows how different types of tools are used
114 Egyptian gods
an ancient egyptian painting on the side of a wall
Egypt – Society X
Egypt | Society X
the night sky is filled with stars and bright green lights, as well as silhouettes of people
Egypt – Society X
Syon Park Lion's Gate
an image of a diagram of a human skeleton and the bones that are labeled below
Egypt – Society X
Djed and human backbone
an old building with columns and a gate
Egypt – Society X
Lion's Gate Syon Park
the gate is made out of concrete and has an iron design on it's sides
Egypt – Society X
Syon Park
an arch in the middle of a park with stars and clouds above it, as seen from across the street
Egypt – Society X
Syon Lion's Gate